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2013 – A retrospective

House moving

2013 was a year full of surprises.

First off, the house moving was a lot more work than I’d expected. Not the move in itself, but settling in at the new apartment and making the apartment ready and getting it just the way I want it. So there has been a lot of home improvement, like customizing furniture and stuff. I don’t mind though, I like it. It’s just that time is limited. I get some free time when my daughter is taking a nap, but that’s not really the best time to bring out the power tools… Everything is coming along nicely though, and I really love the new place!

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House moving update

If you’ve tried accessing this site for the last week, you already know that it has been offline. The reason for this is that I have been busy house moving, and setting up the server in my new apartment haven’t really been a priority. There is still loads of stuff to do, like unpacking boxes, buying new furniture, etc. We still have lots of stuff in storage, but we’re slowly getting all the pieces together. My painting/hobby station will be located inside the apartment this time, but some furniture is still missing.

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WIP: the Crane

At my last visit to Toys ‘R’ Us, I bought two interesting terrain pieces for €6 each. Both are kids toys related to the brand Elias. This post is about the second one, a crane (Elias – Krana i Lunvik).

The crane, still untouched

The problem with both the Elias stuff and Thomas and Friends, is that most (all?) vehicles and many buildings have a face. This is of course a kids toy, so they want to add some character and persona to the stuff so they also can sell movies, cartoons and what not. For me this presents a problem, since I want terrain that looks a bit less like… a kids toy.

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WIP: Carmageddon

All Carmageddon contestants lined up

When I think about future car combats I immediatley think of the PC game Carmageddon, inspired by the movie Death Race 2000. The game is about a stunt car race against both the clock and against the other contestants. There are two ways to win a race; you can be the first to cross the finish line, or you can crush the competition by destroying all your opponents cars.

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Finished: Silo

It may have taken some time to do it, but now the silo is finally finished.

Overview of the building


It’s been great fun building it, and a learning experience. The shed was made of some sort of house from a craft store, with the intention to save me some time. With the protocol in hand, I can see that scratchbuilding it like I wanted it would have taken less time because of the tough material it was made of. Balsa wood or foamboard would have been a better idea. Here are some more pictures from different angles:

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WIP: Rural buildings

At the moment I have several buildings in the pipe. It’s a long pipe though, since one of these buildings was mentionen in this post over a year ago. Here is some work in progress pictures of three of those buildings.

Silo prepared with sand

First out is some pictures of the silo. Nothing fancy here, the parts comprise of:

  • cardboard, corrugated and regular
  • space hulk sprue
  • straws
  • matches and tooth picks
  • CD-tower base
  • scavenged plastic parts

The whole piece was then primed with black spray paint as seen here. I have begun the painting and I think I’ll go for an abandoned look.

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Castle Ravenloft miniatures

Time for an update with miniatures from the Castle Ravenloft boardgame.

The heores

Someone on BGG had painted their heroes bases with different colors, making them easy to distinguish on the game board. An excellent idea worth borrowing!


I’ve tried to give the ghouls a look indicating they have been down the deep, damp dungeons for a very long time.

Blazing skeletons

I couldn’t resist on keeping the clear blue flames on the blazing skeletons.


The wraiths also came in clear blue plastic, but less of this is seen as I wanted them to have proper clothing.

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WIP: Scratchbuilding shipping containers

Instead of concentrating on finishing one of my many terrain projects, I thought I’d start a completely new project; modern shipping containers!

This time I saved some old Dell harddrive caddies from the trash, and though I’d use them for something. I liked the look of the sides of the caddy, so I broke them off. This is what I had in the beginning:

Sides from the harddrive caddy

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RoboRally house rules

Background for the rules (Buggy Software)

Rules updated January 25, 2012.

Hammer bot, Hulk X90, Squash bot and Spin bot

We often play RoboRally with 3 players in total. This isn’t all the chaos and carnage that I expect a 6 player game would be. So to spice things up a little, we like to play the game like this:

Software programming is something that may result in so called software bugs, which is actually flaws in the programming code, that often lead to unpredicted and unwanted behaviour of the program. This ruleset will mimic this unwanted behaviour and add more chaos (and fun) to the boardgame.

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New year, new rules


A retrospective

A lot of stuff happened in 2011. Some good stuff and some bad stuff. All very much connected to life itself. Such is the way of all good stories, unfortunately they all come to an end. It is with tears in my eyes that I remember the loved ones I’ve lost in the passed year. But my own story isn’t finished, and new chapters are added all the time. New life was created, to fill the gaps of the loved ones we have lost.

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