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Thrift store jackpot

Thrift store jackpot

Yesterday I went to a local thrift store to leave off some stuff from my basement clearance for charities sake. While I was there, I was also hoping to find some cheap plastic playsets in a usable scale, which could be used for conversions. I like to convert plastic buildings, because they often have some type of detailing, which saves me the time and effort to make it myself. Old and/or broken playsets are an excellent starting points for this task and they usually come very cheap too.

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Graveyard & Church Dice Tower

Church and Graveyard

Well this didn’t go exactly according to plan. I thought this post would be about the upcoming Silo building, but as you can see I had more interest in finishing the Graveyard.

Modern setting or fantasy; there’s always room for a church and a graveyard. The church makes for an interesting building to explore, and in this particular case also helps with dice rolling. A graveyard is a good terrain filler, acting as an open area which you can see through, but still giving hard cover. A graveyard can also serve as a spawn point for zombies, which makes it dangerous to cross it or be nearby.

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WIP: Nazi Zombies conversions

Mantic torsos, Warlord and Wargames Factory legs

I have previously done a quick visual comparison of three miniature sets:

  • Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies
  • Mantic Ghouls
  • Warlord Games WWII German Infantry

Some of you may wonder what happened after that. The three sets can be combined to create some original Weird WWII creatures. I’ve been toying around with some different poses and settled for a few. This is very much a work in progress, and I’ve got plenty of parts left to create more zombies.

Studio Miniature with head/arm swaps

Mantic torsos, Warlord legs

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Finished: Dust Tactics terrain 2 and Turbine

Turbine, entrance view

This is the latest additions to my Dust Tactics terrain.

The first piece is a turbine, which can be used as a mission objective. This post describes the different parts it’s made from. All in all this was a fun project, and I found good use for some of the Fenris barrels I have stocked up on. I think they add a lot to the industrial vibe of the Turbine piece, as well as to the wasteland vibe of the smaller terrain pieces.

Turbine, air intake

Turbine, notice the control panel in the background

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WIP: Dust Tactics Turbine

Turbine primed and ready


I’m currently working on expanding my Dust Tactics terrain. This is a sneak peek on one of the terrain pieces I’m working on. I reckon this could be an industrial turbine, or perhaps some sort of air intake to the secret base. Looks like an objective to me!

Stuff seen in the pictures:

  • barrels from Fenris Games
  • toilet rolls
  • CD jewel case
  • ketchup spout
  • spaghetti (!)
  • drinking straws
  • pin protectors from different computer cables
  • parts from an old backup robot
  • Different angle


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Update: Luigu’s Restaurant

Close-up of Luigi’s Restaurant

Some updated pictures of Luigi’s Restaurant. I’ve added a table and a pair of chairs, made from balsa wood, matchsticks and a the top from a shampoo bottle. The trash can and the fire post is from Mega Minis if my memory serves me right.

Overview of Luigi’s Restaurant


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Warehouse placed on the platform

This warehouse was finished in 2010. It’s actually made up of three separate buildingsĀ  which may be connected in several ways, or they can be used alone. I also made a platform on which the buildings can be placed upon. The buildings are made from cardboard boxes.

Warehouse side view on the platform

Houses separated, without the platform

Warehouse close-up




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RoboRally miniatures

Trundle bot, Twitch, Zoom bot and Twonky

I finally got around to painting my miniatures from the excellent game RoboRally.

The sculpts are full of gaps etc, and really not that great. But they were still great fun to paint. Let’s just say they were a welcome variation to the ever growing lead horde of zombies I have to paint… šŸ™‚

The goal here was to minimize the time spent on each miniature, as well as keeping the color schemes clean and basic in order to make the miniatures easy to recognize on the game board.

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Finished: Dust Tactics terrain

Staged action photo

My Dust Tactics terrain pieces are now finished. This previous post describes what the terrain pieces are made of, mostly trash actually. It’s really not that hard to create your own terrain pieces and I recommend everyone to try it out before dismissing the idea. I think real terrain pieces enhances the game experience a lot.

Close-up of the entrance to the secret base

The allies take cover

Overview of the pieces

Overview of the pieces


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WIP: Dust Tactics terrain

Pieces prepared with toilet paper

The second part of my Dust Tactics project involves making terrain to substitute the included cardboard terrain. This includes both hard and soft cover.

Parts used:

  • original Dust Tactics ammo crates and tank traps
  • some old resin pieces
  • Qtips box
  • left-overs from IKEA furniture
  • milk spouts
  • dessert cups
  • scrap from printer toners
  • masonite board
  • scrap wood
  • styrofoam
  • match sticks
  • toilet paper
  • sand
  • various types of glue

The work in progress so far:

Pieces prepared with sand

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