Installing Net ID in Firefox

Telia have patched a security hole in their Net ID software so I decided to download the new version and try to install it.

I’ve never managed to get Net ID working in Linux, due to Telia only supporting Ubuntu 10.04 and a very old version of Firefox. For this embarassing reason (for Telia), I have been forced to use a virtual machine with Windows XP whenever I had to identify myself…

With the latest software update I was hoping that they would have corrected the previous problems. I downloaded the file iidsetup_64.tar.gz with the x64 version and after extracting it I installed it as root:

[root@narcissus (08:30:36) iidsetup]# ./install

Net iD
Copyright SecMaker AB

All users installation
Plugin directory: '/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins'
Plugin directory: '/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins'
Plugin directory: '/usr/lib/firefox/plugins'
Installation started
Create user local config directory
Create installation directories
Create directory /etc/iid
Create directory ''
Copy files
Copy resources
creating: /etc/iid/admin/assets/
inflating: ...
Create symbolic links
Copy configuration
Set configuration
Copy plugin
Install plugin '/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins'
Install plugin '/usr/lib/firefox/plugins'
Set install directory
Set special configuration
Install extensions
Install Watch
Installation successful


Open '/etc/iid/pkcs11.html' in your FireFox/Mozilla/Netscape
browser and follow the instruction to register Net iD for the

Open '/etc/iid/admin/index.html' in your FireFox/Mozilla/Netscape
browser to administrate Net iD.

Should installation try to start Firefox now [Y/n]?


This is where the problems started…

Firefox opened up a page saying Net ID pkcs#11 module is unknown:

Unfortunately none of the buttons work, so Net ID won’t completely install.

Searching for a solution I stumbled upon this site, which gives a brief explanation to the problem and a workaround!

Manually installing Net ID as a Security Device:

  • Open up Firefox
  • Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption -> Security Devices.
  • Unload any non-working Net ID entries you may have.
  • Load the new one by giving it the name Net ID and give the path to the file (/usr/lib/ on my system).
  • After this, all systems are go!

You can use the local link file:///etc/iid/admin/index.html to manage your installed certificates.

Go here to test your installation.

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2 Responses to Installing Net ID in Firefox

  1. L4Linux says:

    Hi, I cannot find the driver for NetID, as the Telia website seems down…
    Where can I find this driver?

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