Reinstalled server

I had to reinstall my server, and unfortunately the latest Ubuntu LTS gave me a hard time. I wanted to use LVM for the disks, but the 14.04 LTS version seems to have some bugs related to this, so I had to resort to plain partitions. All right, I’ll be using KVM for virtualizing different servers, so space usage is pretty much all disk dedicated as data storage for KVM. But then KVM is having issues with apparmor, so in hindsight I should probably just have resorted to Debian…

Anyway… When all servers are virtualized and installed, I will have a very slick LEGO like system where services can be updated or swapped out without any problems spilling over to other services.

At the momemt, the web server is not in the state I wanted it to be. But at least it’s working. Form and function can come later on…

Services will include:

  • DNS
  • Fileserver
  • Nagios/Icinga
  • Git
  • DHCP
  • Squeezebox
  • Observium
  • Postfix
  • NTP
  • different test environments


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