WIP: Church Dice Tower

Added doors and a roof on the chapel

I have created many buildings for the gaming table this summer. Pictures of the buildings will hopefully make their way on to this blog eventually…

I thought I’d share what I’m currently working on; a church dice tower. This tower will also double as a piece terrain.

In the early stages of its construction, I wanted a modern tower with a wire fence to catch the dice. I hadn’t yet decided on what kind of tower it should be. I didn’t want apartments, but perhaps a fire station or some kind of water tower.

When I with disappointment realized that it would look much cooler with a medieval looking tower, I changed course and made it look like an old church. A church can be used in almost all scenarios, modern or fantasy.  It was also a building that I wanted to create anyway. I just had some different ideas for it. For instance I imagined the church to be a bit more modern, and probably made from styrofoam and cardboard. This will be so much better, and best of all; I’ll get both my thumbs out of my a… hey hey kids! *Krusty the Clown voice*

For my dice tower I used balsa wood for building material, which has several advantages to cardboard:

  • it’s very light
  • it’s quite sturdy
  • it doesn’t bend when you soak it with glue (although thin balsa bends too, so you have to pin it with needles)

Balsa wood also has some drawbacks, such as:

  • it can be brittle if you build with thin material

Here are some Work-in-Progress pictures of the church:

The dice will tumble it’s way down the tower

The dice will be dropped through the roof, and exit via the main building entrance

Adding arches to the sides

Arches around the windows

Merlons added

Using parts from juice cartons as windows

Stone wall beneath windows

Swapped the rectangle tower windows for more parts from juice cartons

To be continued…

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