WIP: Modern buildings

My Casa Della Tires wasn’t in this great condition…

Alongside my dice tower project, I’m also working on some other modern buildings.

The first building is from a Cars playset which I picked up on a flea market for €1 (less than $1!). I’m planning to convert it to a restaurant.

Rebased, sand applied to walls and roof, added fence

All interior was stripped out

Primed and ready for painting

The second building is a Hello Kitty building I picked up on eBay for €6 including shipping (about $5). I’m planning to do some minor modifications to it, such as removing the carrying handle, adding a chimney and of course re-painting it.

Scale looks ok, but does not take too much table space

The carrying handle obviously had to go…

The back of the house after joining the roof and back wall together

Hinges removed from backside of the house

Added sand for texture, added fences to the garden

The plan is to leave the inner floor carpet as is

Back of the house, added a chimney

Primed and ready for painting

Painting the house

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