Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies

Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies pre-order

I have just received my pre-order of the Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies. This post will compare this set, the Warlord Games WWII German Infantry set and the Mantic Ghouls/Zombies set.

Let’s begin with a look of what the Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies set contains:

  • Double VHS package
  • 15 sprues (two figures without arms, six different arms, an extra head and a cap on each sprue), 30 zombies in total
  • 30 bases to go with all the miniatures

I pre-ordered this set and therefore also got:

  • 1 metal Obersturmbahnfuhrer + 1 lipped base
  • 5 extra sprues, due to a delay in the manufacturing process
  • 10 extra bases to go with the 10 extra zombies

Not a bad deal for £20! It was well worth the wait.

My only gripe is that I’d prefer more variety on the bodies of these figures. This is where the two other sets from Warlord Games and Mantic come in the picture.

I have previously bought the Warlord Games German Zombies Halloween Special deal, which include:

  • 3 Mantic Ghouls sprues
  • 2 sprues of WWII German Infantry
  • 1 sprue of German weapons/accessories
  • a promise of parts for at least 10 unique zombies

The price for this was £15 + shipping. Combining these two sets with the Studio Miniatures and some green stuff, I think I can double the number of unique zombies, and make use of all the Warlord Games and Mantic parts. In addition to this I wont be having 40 similar nazi zombies from Studio Miniatures.

Warlord Games German Infantry set

Here is some comparison photos of the three sets, to see how they scale up.

Warlord Games (blue), Mantic (green)

Mantic (green), Studio Miniatures (red)

Mantic (green), Studio Miniatures (red)

Mantic (green), Warlord Games (blue)

Mantic (green), Warlord Games (blue)

Studio Miniatures (red), Mantic (green)

Studio Miniatures (red), Warlord Games (blue)

My conclusion is that scale won’t be much of a problem. The Mantic arms are longer than the arms from the other sets, but I think that has more to do with Ghoulish proportions, as all the other body parts seem to be spot on.

See this post to get an idea of what they’ll look like assembled.


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  1. michi says:

    this is great, I am planning the same thing and had no comparing pictures until I found this nice article.
    Best regards

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