Dust Tactics painted

A double stripe marks the squad leader

Woohoo, I’m proud to have finished the first part of my Dust Tactics project! The goal of this part was to paint all the miniatures up to tabletop quality, without spending too much time or growing bored of painting up an army. The next part of this project is to add terrain pieces for hard and soft cover.

This was achieved by first priming the miniatures in their respective base colors; grey for the Germans and green for the Allies. Some say their miniatures was already basecoated. I disagree on this, or at least mine wasn’t… Yes, the Germans are made of grey plastics and the Allies are made of Green plastics, but paint doesn’t stick too well on this. I tried painting the mechs without basecoating first, and I didn’t like it. They are pretty much immune to glazing…

After basecoating, I did a quick dry-brush in a lighter color. Then I painted details like faces and weapons, and dry-brushed them in a lighter color. Washes were used on some details to give them a different shade than the first basecoat/dry-brush. Now it was time to bring out the Quickshade!

The cool thing about Quickshade is that it work pretty much like a wash, but it’s actually a pigmented varnish. Instead of using Devlan Mud to give your miniatures shadows, Quickshade does pretty much the same while also giving them a very strong protection. The downside is that the varnish will give you a glossy surface. For some miniatuers this might be ok, but I used a satin spray varnish to take down that gloss a bit.

The result:

A selection of the Germans

Stripes in different colors represents their squad

A selection of the Allies

The mechs and the Combat Rangers Squad

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