Finished: Dust Tactics terrain

Staged action photo

My Dust Tactics terrain pieces are now finished. This previous post describes what the terrain pieces are made of, mostly trash actually. It’s really not that hard to create your own terrain pieces and I recommend everyone to try it out before dismissing the idea. I think real terrain pieces enhances the game experience a lot.

Close-up of the entrance to the secret base

The allies take cover

Overview of the pieces

Overview of the pieces


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10 Responses to Finished: Dust Tactics terrain

  1. Paul says:

    Great work on the Dust project. The stuff looks great together. The huge bomb is of course my favourite part.

    • apeekaboo says:

      Thanks, it’s my own favorite too. I just wish I had made it on a square base instead of a CD, to match the other terrain pieces. Even though it’s not a big problem, it would make it easier to determine LOS between units.

  2. Allan says:


    How do you find the Dust Tactics game plays?

    Is it very limited and does it get boring quickly?

    The new releases are looking great but the fact the soldier figures are not to the same scale as my Bolt Action WWII figures has me not wanting to spend the money yet.

    The new Mechas look incredible!

    Great blog. Keep up the great work 🙂



    • apeekaboo says:

      Hi Allan,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I usually get about two evenings of gaming done each month, so I’m not sure I’m the one to answer this. A game for us usually take less than 60 minutes, so a few scenarios including side switching, can be played on each event.

      The rules are simple to teach and adhere to. Even if it’s been a month since we last played, the rules come back to us quickly. I don’t find the game limiting, as it’s easy to come up with your own scenarios. Missions don’t really have to be well balanced if you play each scenario twice, switching sides in between.

      I haven’t seen the Bolt Action figures in person, so I can’t really comment on their size. I guess you could always buy the game and use the mechs together with your existing BA figures.


  3. Allan says:


    Thanks for the reply. Have you tried to play Dust Tactics as a Miniature game without the Board and Grids (like a standard miniature game as opposed to a board game)?

    Happy Gaming!


  4. apeekaboo says:

    No, I haven’t tried the game without the gridded game boards.
    I think it could work though, keeping measures based on the units regular movement and adhering to the games usual rules for LOS. This could possibly serve as an opening for drawing new blood into wargaming.


  5. James says:

    Really nice work! I just purchased DT based on reviews, and really look forward to playing.

    Question — any chance you would take commission work on some terrain like this? I have neither the time (work and pursuing a masters) nor the skill.


    • apeekaboo says:

      Thank you, I’m honored by your question about commission work!
      The miniature hobby is only one of several hobbies of mine. Unfortunately at this time, commission work isn’t realistic for me. Time is just to sparse, and I don’t see any improvement soon.

      If you can muster the time though, I urge you to dip your feet in the water and try making some of your own. It’s really not that difficult. It’s amazing what you can build with only some scrap wood, toilet paper, white glue and water.


  6. James says:

    Thanks for letting me know — and I understand about time, believe me! 😉

    I’ll take your suggestions and give it a go, once this semester ends.

    Looking forward to more of your blog — all the best!

    • apeekaboo says:

      Looking forward to seeing them!

      I’m hoping to start another another batch of terrain in the not too distant future. I need some more hard cover for Dust Tactics.


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