WIP: Dust Tactics terrain

Pieces prepared with toilet paper

The second part of my Dust Tactics project involves making terrain to substitute the included cardboard terrain. This includes both hard and soft cover.

Parts used:

  • original Dust Tactics ammo crates and tank traps
  • some old resin pieces
  • Qtips box
  • left-overs from IKEA furniture
  • milk spouts
  • dessert cups
  • scrap from printer toners
  • masonite board
  • scrap wood
  • styrofoam
  • match sticks
  • toilet paper
  • sand
  • various types of glue

The work in progress so far:

Pieces prepared with sand

Overview of the pieces

The Qtip bunker

Another angle on the Qtip bunker

Entrance to an underground bunker

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