WIP: The mother of all bombs

Look! It’s a pill jar, stuck in the sand…

Recently being addicted to Dust Tactics, I thought I should create some nice terrain instead of the cardboard stuff shipped with the game. The cardboard stuff works well, but we all want 3D terrain to add to the atmosphere.

I got inspired when I saw some pictures on BGG, where someone had created a huge bomb stuck in the dirt. The mother of all Bombs, but it was a dud! I blatantly stole that idea but tried to make my own version of it.

Part used for this project:

  • pill jar
  • CD coaster (my girlfriend makes them for me…)
  • lollipop stick
  • ball cover from an old computer mouse
  • thin cardboard
  • styrofoam
  • toilet paper
  • sand
  • white glue
  • regular glue
  • instant glue

First I cut the top of the pill jar diagonally. Then I filled the pill jar with big chunks of styrofoam and regular glue. This was to create an area which I could glue to the CD, also with regular glue. Next I created small chunks of the styrofoam to create the terrain around the pill jar. The initial parts was glued with white glue directly to the CD. This worked ok. But when I started to build a hill of styrofoam, the white glue didn’t quite work anymore. Then I had the idea to to thin out the white glue with water, sink strips of toilet paper in the mix, and use the wet toilet paper to bind the styrofoam in place. This worked extremely well, and I did the sand layer directly after this. Then I waited for an hour before adding a layer of thinned out white glue over the sand. After this I had to leave the piece to dry overnight by a radiator.

The next day I added the fins with instant glue. So now I had a pill jar with fins, which looked like it was stuck in the sand. Great…

Time for some masquerading! After some digging in the bit box I found some pieces I could use to make the bomb look less like pill jar and more like a bomb or a rocket. Most of this extra fluff was thin cardboard, but some plastic parts was added as well.

Some bits and bobs added to mask the pill jar

Being quite happy with my creation I decided it was to for some base coating.

A coat of chaos black

Next step is painting!

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