Finished: Dust Tactics terrain 2 and Turbine

Turbine, entrance view

This is the latest additions to my Dust Tactics terrain.

The first piece is a turbine, which can be used as a mission objective. This post describes the different parts it’s made from. All in all this was a fun project, and I found good use for some of the Fenris barrels I have stocked up on. I think they add a lot to the industrial vibe of the Turbine piece, as well as to the wasteland vibe of the smaller terrain pieces.

Turbine, air intake

Turbine, notice the control panel in the background

Turbine, different view


I have also made some smaller terrain pieces, which have appeared previously on my blog. Now they are based for Dust Tactics and some minor additions have been made to make the terrain a bit more interesting.

Car wreck 1

Car wreck 2

Barricade view 1

Barricade view 2

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5 Responses to Finished: Dust Tactics terrain 2 and Turbine

  1. Allan says:

    Great terrain!

    A bit of effort always goes a long way to making the table look better 🙂

    • apeekaboo says:

      Thanks Allan!
      I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s just a little bit more enjoyable playing on some interesting terrain. It certainly adds to the atmosphere.

  2. James says:

    I hope you agree that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! 😉 I took your advice and have begun making terrain for Dust Tactics! While not stealing from you directly, you have influenced my first attempts — and so far the results have been very pleasing; we’ll see how painting goes. I saw the demolished car over at Fenris Games (before seeing it here), and might be adding that down the line.

    Thanks for the nudge to build my own terrain!


    • apeekaboo says:

      Excellent, that’s what I hope for; to be able to inspire others to start their own projects. The hardest part is often to take the leap and start your project. Once you’ve done that, the next project is much easier… 😉

      Hope to see your finished terrain soon!


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