WIP: Dust Tactics Turbine

Turbine primed and ready


I’m currently working on expanding my Dust Tactics terrain. This is a sneak peek on one of the terrain pieces I’m working on. I reckon this could be an industrial turbine, or perhaps some sort of air intake to the secret base. Looks like an objective to me!

Stuff seen in the pictures:

  • barrels from Fenris Games
  • toilet rolls
  • CD jewel case
  • ketchup spout
  • spaghetti (!)
  • drinking straws
  • pin protectors from different computer cables
  • parts from an old backup robot
  • Different angle


Some extra barrels added


See the finished terrain here.

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3 Responses to WIP: Dust Tactics Turbine

  1. Paul says:

    This kitbashing stuff really suits your style I think.
    Now get it painted 🙂

    • apeekaboo says:

      Thanks, painting has already begun! I can already can already foresee storage problems in the future for this kind of stuff…

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