Graveyard & Church Dice Tower

Church and Graveyard

Well this didn’t go exactly according to plan. I thought this post would be about the upcoming Silo building, but as you can see I had more interest in finishing the Graveyard.

Modern setting or fantasy; there’s always room for a church and a graveyard. The church makes for an interesting building to explore, and in this particular case also helps with dice rolling. A graveyard is a good terrain filler, acting as an open area which you can see through, but still giving hard cover. A graveyard can also serve as a spawn point for zombies, which makes it dangerous to cross it or be nearby.

Since I haven’t posted any proper pictures of my finished Church Dice Tower (seen previously here and here) , I thought it would be fitting to include these pics here as well.

The stone walls surrounding the Graveyard are prepainted from QRF and the gravestones are from Renedra.


Graveyard overview

Graveyard close-up

The grove

Church and dice tower

Dice go in…

…and zombies come out!

“…Thought I told you to stay down!”


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4 Responses to Graveyard & Church Dice Tower

  1. sho3box says:


    That is jawdroppingly good stuff Tobbe. Your modern/zombie game set up must look spectacular all together.

    The juice carton winodows are just brilliant. Did you have any trouble getting the paint to adhere to that flexible plastic?

    The approach that you took with the graveyard is just about perfect to my eyes too. It is immediately recognisable as a graveyard but looks like it is laid out ina practical way to game with.

    Top notch work 🙂

    • apeekaboo says:

      Thank you for that heart-warming comment, Paul. 🙂

      My gaming table is filling up nicely. I haven’t forgot I promised you a picture of the whole set up, but lighting is a bit of a problem in that room… The stuff needs to be brought out in the middle of the day, and this needs to be on a sunny day. Vacation is approaching in a couple of weeks, so I think the planets are finally aligning… 😉

      The juice/milk spouts take paint well after priming. Some flexible plastics tend to become sticky when painted, but not this one.

      The idea behind the graveyard was to have enough free space to let figures move easily over most of the area. I wanted a grove with trees and this area can’t really be used for placing miniatures. Other than that, figures can be placed over the whole graveyard. I left some room for a zombie spawn point, should it ever be needed for AR:SE.

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