Thrift store jackpot

Thrift store jackpot

Yesterday I went to a local thrift store to leave off some stuff from my basement clearance for charities sake. While I was there, I was also hoping to find some cheap plastic playsets in a usable scale, which could be used for conversions. I like to convert plastic buildings, because they often have some type of detailing, which saves me the time and effort to make it myself. Old and/or broken playsets are an excellent starting points for this task and they usually come very cheap too.

My first find is a Hot Wheels car shop/garage/chop shop. Lots of parts missing from this piece, which is fine for the purpose I have in mind. I’m only interested in the building, which already have enough interesting details included. Scale-wise it seems to be made with 28mm figures in mind. The price was €0.5.

The car shop

Scale comparison to the car shop


My next find is a garage. I have seen this for some €18 in the stores. Some doors are missing from this piece, and it has some cracks in the roof windows. Not an issue for what I had in mind. Scale-wise the windows are the right size and at the right height, but the doors are very large. This piece could work for something bigger than a usual car garage. I’m thinking something like a Fire station, where the doors need to be big enough to let a fire truck through. The price was €0.5.

The garage

Scale comparison to the garage


My last find is an airplane. I wasn’t too sure about this piece as I originally was looking for buildings. I don’t know much about airplanes so I can’t really comment on the scale here. When I open the cockpit and compare the pilot to a 28mm figure it seems to be spot on. Some parts are broken on this one piece, like the landing gear and the propeller. I’m thinking I could always use it as a crashed wreck in Dust Tactics. The price was  €1.

The airplane


Total cost for this loot was €2, and I even did a good deed by going there. Beat that, if you can! 😉

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2 Responses to Thrift store jackpot

  1. sho3box says:

    Thats a great haul, nice work.

    I dont remember seeing the s&m clown with the bottle of JD before (and I think that I would remember him…), he is cool 🙂

    • apeekaboo says:

      Yeah, he’s a cool mini from Spinespur called Mr Jingles. I think he’s an interesting survivor to include, because you can’t really be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. It will strike when you least expect it, and probably at the most inconvenient time or occasion too.

      I’ve had him for quite some time now, but I must have forgotten to include him on the site. I call him the Knotty Clown… 🙂 Named after (which seems to be down).

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