New year, new rules


A retrospective

A lot of stuff happened in 2011. Some good stuff and some bad stuff. All very much connected to life itself. Such is the way of all good stories, unfortunately they all come to an end. It is with tears in my eyes that I remember the loved ones I’ve lost in the passed year. But my own story isn’t finished, and new chapters are added all the time. New life was created, to fill the gaps of the loved ones we have lost.

New priorities

I was lucky enough to receive my first child in the end of September, a girl named Josefine. She is the most adorable baby you could ask for. We like to think of her as an excellent beginner’s baby, because she is very easy to deal with. She likes to ride in the car or the baby stroller, and she don’t mind tagging along on different activities.

This is all great, but it doesn’t change the fact that my spare time and priorities all look very different nowadays. This means time spent on my miniatures is very limited. Not non-existent, but limited. My current terrain projects will be delayed for the unforseeable future, as I tend to squeeze in game time, rather than terrain-building time.

This leads us to the next subject; Gaming!

New rules (RoboRally house rules)

I decided to move my RoboRally house rules to their own post to make them easier to maintain.


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