RoboRally house rules

Background for the rules (Buggy Software)

Rules updated January 25, 2012.

Hammer bot, Hulk X90, Squash bot and Spin bot

We often play RoboRally with 3 players in total. This isn’t all the chaos and carnage that I expect a 6 player game would be. So to spice things up a little, we like to play the game like this:

Software programming is something that may result in so called software bugs, which is actually flaws in the programming code, that often lead to unpredicted and unwanted behaviour of the program. This ruleset will mimic this unwanted behaviour and add more chaos (and fun) to the boardgame.

By enforcing a random element out of the players control each round, you will get gameplay and tactics that try to forsee or handle unwanted situations. Where do I want my robot to be at the end of the round, so that I don’t run the risk of backing down that hole or leaping on that conveyor belt? You will also get much fun and laughter when players fail to do so…

Prepare the game

  • Choose a suitable board to play on.
  • Agree on where to place flags/checkpoints. We usually use four checkpoints for three players. This makes sure the games doesn’t go on too long.
  • Connect the garage (if you have it) to one side of the game board.
  • Deal one card to each player to determine the start order in the garage. Highest priority gets garage 1, and so on. This garage will be used by that player for the remainder of the game.
  • All players receive one free upgrade to their robot.

Trundle bot, Twitch, Zoom bot and Twonky

Game round

  • Deal the programming cards. The first card dealt to all players is the bug card which you must not look at until it’s played! This bug card must be used as the last card in your programming sequence. Example; Your robot is damaged, and you are only allowed three programming cards. The first card dealt to you is the bug card, which must be placed last in your program register. Damaged/locked register are treated as usual (instructions are burnt in…) The other two cards can be used in whatever order you prefer.
  • Deal the rest of the programming cards to the players.
  • Multiple robot upgrades are allowed. All players always have at least one upgrade. New upgrades are added as in the normal game.
  • All other game elements are handled as in the normal game

Dying and respawning

  • Lifes are unlimited (this is a friendly game)
  • Discard all current upgrades on the robot.
  • Receive one new, free upgrade to the robot.
  • Robots respawn on your archive marker, facing the direction of the player’s discretion. This is in the garage if no flags/checkpoints have been reached. The fifth register is still reserved for the bug card.

That’s it! Unless I have forgotten something or you have any questions.



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