WIP: Scratchbuilding shipping containers

Instead of concentrating on finishing one of my many terrain projects, I thought I’d start a completely new project; modern shipping containers!

This time I saved some old Dell harddrive caddies from the trash, and though I’d use them for something. I liked the look of the sides of the caddy, so I broke them off. This is what I had in the beginning:

Sides from the harddrive caddy

After fiddling around with the pieces for a while, I came up with the idea that I could combine two of them together to get one side of a modern shipping container.The parts are nicely rounded around the edges, and this will show on the finished container. The idea is to create containers with some kind of climate unit on the backside of the container. I have a rough idea in my, but I’m planning as I go along with the build.

Container sides and foamboard

The plastic parts are joined together with contact glue. I use the foamboard for stability and to distance the container sides from each other. The containers will be light and sturdy.

Gluing it together

I don’t want to risk that contact glue melt the foam inside the foamboard, so I’m using my glue gun to join the pieces of foamboard and plastic together.

Look, a container!

It’s beginning to take the look of a container, but the following is still left to do:

  • Attach the short sides to the container
  • Attach something to the roof, probably corrugated cardboard
  • Attach an air vent to backside of the container
  • Attach some chimneys/vents to the lower part of the roof
  • Add some doors
  • Painting
  • Add some decals


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2 Responses to WIP: Scratchbuilding shipping containers

  1. sho3box says:

    I like this. I dont have access to the PC bits that you are using, but I do want to make a number of shipping containers on the cheap.

    I look forward to seeing the finished product.

    • apeekaboo says:

      It’s fun to build stuff, but I would consider buying containers if there was a cheap enough alternative.

      I stumbled upon this thread on LAF, which certainly gives some inspiration.

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