Castle Ravenloft miniatures

Time for an update with miniatures from the Castle Ravenloft boardgame.

The heores

Someone on BGG had painted their heroes bases with different colors, making them easy to distinguish on the game board. An excellent idea worth borrowing!


I’ve tried to give the ghouls a look indicating they have been down the deep, damp dungeons for a very long time.

Blazing skeletons

I couldn’t resist on keeping the clear blue flames on the blazing skeletons.


The wraiths also came in clear blue plastic, but less of this is seen as I wanted them to have proper clothing.


Klak the sorcerer and Kobold Skirmishers


Werewolf and wolves




Flesh Golem

I have to tried to cut down on painting time by using Army Painters quickshade. I’m really happy with the results vs painting time. Besides helping out with shading, the quickshade also gives a very strong coat of protective varnish.

I’m happy to say that by the second play, I had all the heroes painted. By the third play, I had almost all monsters painted. The monsters left to paint are count Stradh, the Howling Hag and the two dragons.


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2 Responses to Castle Ravenloft miniatures

  1. sho3box says:

    Thats a cool set of figures, nice job. The sculpts on the werewolf and wolves make the look a bit more cuddly than I would expect.

    Excuse my ignorance, but is Castle Ravenloft a D&D thing? I recognize the ghoul as a D&D miniature.

    Are the rat swarms D&D figures too?

    • apeekaboo says:

      That is a correct observation! Ravenloft is a boardgame variant of D&D. Playing time claims to be 60 minutes and the rules are quite light. Both of which I see as positive advantages. Although I would probably say that playing time is 120 minutes… The rats came with the game, and yes the wolves are a bit too fluffy, aren’t they? Perhaps their feet are too puppy like? =)


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