WIP: Rural buildings

At the moment I have several buildings in the pipe. It’s a long pipe though, since one of these buildings was mentionen in this post over a year ago. Here is some work in progress pictures of three of those buildings.

Silo prepared with sand

First out is some pictures of the silo. Nothing fancy here, the parts comprise of:

  • cardboard, corrugated and regular
  • space hulk sprue
  • straws
  • matches and tooth picks
  • CD-tower base
  • scavenged plastic parts

The whole piece was then primed with black spray paint as seen here. I have begun the painting and I think I’ll go for an abandoned look.

Silo primed and ready

My next work in progress is this warehouse building. I had some pictures of the box it came in, but unfortunately I lost those… It’s a kids toy much like Thomas & Friends, but instead of trains, the focus is on boats and wharfs. It’s called Elias… something… I picked it up for €6 at my local Toys ‘R’ Us. It’s a quite big building, as seen together with this 32mm Reaper miniature.

Warehouse with 32mm figure

Warehouse with 32mm figure

This building have also been primed with black spray. I only primed the outside, since the inside had some useful interior pictured on the walls. I’ll probably make this building into a two story building by adding som catwalks to the inner walls.

Warehouse primed and ready

This last building is an airplane hangar from the Thomas & Friends toy line. Here you see it compared to the same 32mm Reaper mini as was used above. This buildings is much smaller. Painting of this building have already begun too.

Hangar scale comparison

Thanks for looking, I’m hoping to show more of the silo soon.


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