Finished: Silo

It may have taken some time to do it, but now the silo is finally finished.

Overview of the building


It’s been great fun building it, and a learning experience. The shed was made of some sort of house from a craft store, with the intention to save me some time. With the protocol in hand, I can see that scratchbuilding it like I wanted it would have taken less time because of the tough material it was made of. Balsa wood or foamboard would have been a better idea. Here are some more pictures from different angles:

Close-up of the house


Zombies approaching…


Matches, toothpicks and straws


Backside of the terrain piece


Tarpaulin is covering the roof


House from the backside



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4 Responses to Finished: Silo

  1. Mikk says:

    That looks excellent!

  2. sho3box says:

    More fantastic stuff. You really have a knack for this sort of thing, the finish is great.

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