WIP: the Crane

At my last visit to Toys ‘R’ Us, I bought two interesting terrain pieces for €6 each. Both are kids toys related to the brand Elias. This post is about the second one, a crane (Elias – Krana i Lunvik).

The crane, still untouched

The problem with both the Elias stuff and Thomas and Friends, is that most (all?) vehicles and many buildings have a face. This is of course a kids toy, so they want to add some character and persona to the stuff so they also can sell movies, cartoons and what not. For me this presents a problem, since I want terrain that looks a bit less like… a kids toy.

Let the conversion begin!

Lips and nose removed with pliers

Construction with cardboard have begun

Face completely removed

Windows and doors added to the driver’s cabin

Replaced the counterweights

Another angle on the counterweights

I’m quite pleased with the result so far. Still left to do is basing, priming and painting.


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