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Finished: Dust Tactics terrain 2 and Turbine

Turbine, entrance view

This is the latest additions to my Dust Tactics terrain.

The first piece is a turbine, which can be used as a mission objective. This post describes the different parts it’s made from. All in all this was a fun project, and I found good use for some of the Fenris barrels I have stocked up on. I think they add a lot to the industrial vibe of the Turbine piece, as well as to the wasteland vibe of the smaller terrain pieces.

Turbine, air intake

Turbine, notice the control panel in the background

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Warehouse placed on the platform

This warehouse was finished in 2010. It’s actually made up of three separate buildings  which may be connected in several ways, or they can be used alone. I also made a platform on which the buildings can be placed upon. The buildings are made from cardboard boxes.

Warehouse side view on the platform

Houses separated, without the platform

Warehouse close-up




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Hasslefree, Heresy Miniatures, Khurasan Miniatures

The latest batch of survivors were actually finished in 2010, but not posted until now. I like these figures a lot, I’m quite pleased with how the paintjob turned out. They each have their own distinctive character and I often use them as heroes in my zombie adventures.

Here I come to save the day! This weirdo always cracks a smile on me.

Not Bruce Willis from The 5th Element

Rooftop sniper

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Boss zombies

L4D boss zombies by Tengu Models

I found some finished zombies which I still hadn’t posted yet. They are a set of boss zombies from Tengu Models. I posted the pics on an Internet forum but apparently forgot to post them here first. This set is obviously inspired by the zombies from the Left 4 Dead game series. These miniatures have excellent detail and was fun and easy to paint.

L4D Boomer

L4D Charger

L4D Witch

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Modern apartment buildings

Modular modern apartments


This is a terrain project that was started this summer, and finished during the fall.

It all began when I stumbled over some empty CD jewel cases in the trash, and had the idea of using it for something. I didn’t know what to use it for at the time.

I disassembled the cases and started fiddling with the parts. I came to realize that this could make a decent foundation for some modern apartment buildings. I decided to make the buildings with only three walls and an open back. This would make movement of miniatures in the buildings easier,  and I figured that buildings placed at the edges of the table wouldn’t need a back anyway.

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Santa is late this year…

…and he’s pissed about it!

Santa Claus as a zombie, by Studio Miniatures

I was planning to have the whole set done by Christmas. Due to a case of the zombie flu and a snowboard vacation, this didn’t happen. But he is here now to greet the new year, and he is bringing little treats of children… That’s what matters.

The background is a hint of what the first post for the new year will be about.

Happy New Year!

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How to change time of cron.daily?

I’ve scoured different Linux forums for the answer to this onequestion. One of many answers is that this can’t/shouldn’t be done, because this crontab is to be executed after a computer has been booted and not at a specific time.

But what if I keep my computer on 24/7, and the time of cron.daily disturbs my work because disk intensive task are run at inconvenient times, instead of when I’m not in front of the computer. For me, the important thing is that cron.daily is executed once a day, and not x minutes after booting.

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CamelCase, also known as medial capitals, is easy to achieve with some help of perl:

echo 'watch the bump!' |perl -pe 's/b([a-z])/u$1/g;'


Watch The Bump!
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Finished: Modern buildings

The villa

I’ve finished the modern buildings!

The Cars playset is now converted into a restaurant.

Originally I wanted to name the place Paco’s Tacos, Luigi’s Pizza or perhaps even the Winchester. But I decided to go for the more generic Luigi’s Restaurant. This also gave me the advantage to keep most of the old sign. In the future, I will probably add a table and a pair of chairs to the entrance of the restaurant.

Luigi’s restaurant

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WIP: Modern buildings

My Casa Della Tires wasn’t in this great condition…

Alongside my dice tower project, I’m also working on some other modern buildings.

The first building is from a Cars playset which I picked up on a flea market for €1 (less than $1!). I’m planning to convert it to a restaurant.

Rebased, sand applied to walls and roof, added fence

All interior was stripped out

Primed and ready for painting

The second building is a Hello Kitty building I picked up on eBay for €6 including shipping (about $5). I’m planning to do some minor modifications to it, such as removing the carrying handle, adding a chimney and of course re-painting it.

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