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munin: File is not a perl storable

The problem

I recently got me a bunch of mails from cron, informing me about a failure

File is not a perl storable at /usr/lib/perl/5.18/Storable.pm line 398, at /usr/share/perl5/Munin/Master/Utils.pm line 279.

Most of the graphs (but not all graphs) for a host was not displaying correctly. Instead of the graph I saw the actual data.

Not really finding any relevant answers to my querys on Google, I found this page. Not exactly the same error, but I did find some valuable information about how to further investigate the problem.

The solution

Run munin-cron as user munin to see if displays anymore information about the problem:

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NFS: does not map into domain ‘localdomain’

I stumbled on a strange problem regarding NFS, which I hadn’t used for a while on my server. I had some old exports which worked last time I used them, but not any more. I was doing an rsync and suddenly saw messages about chgrp or chmod failing. These messages are expected when uid/gid is not matching between server and client, so what’s up?

Running dmesg showed me messages like these:

NFS: v4 server warhammer does not accept raw uid/gids. Reenabling the idmapper.

Looking in /var/log/syslog I saw messages like these:

rpc.idmapd nss_getpwnam: name ... does not map into domain 'localdomain'

I finally found a working solution here.

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Nagios/Icinga: could not stat() command file


Trying to add a comment to a service results in an error message shown in the web interface:

Could not stat() command file


Enable External Commands in nagios.cfg / icinga.cfg:



Update permissions in a way that survive package upgrades:

service icinga stop
dpkg-statoverride --update --add nagios www-data 2710 /var/lib/icinga/rw
dpkg-statoverride --update --add nagios nagios 751 /var/lib/icinga
service icinga start
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2013 – A retrospective

House moving

2013 was a year full of surprises.

First off, the house moving was a lot more work than I’d expected. Not the move in itself, but settling in at the new apartment and making the apartment ready and getting it just the way I want it. So there has been a lot of home improvement, like customizing furniture and stuff. I don’t mind though, I like it. It’s just that time is limited. I get some free time when my daughter is taking a nap, but that’s not really the best time to bring out the power tools… Everything is coming along nicely though, and I really love the new place!

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