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Castle Ravenloft miniatures

Time for an update with miniatures from the Castle Ravenloft boardgame.

The heores

Someone on BGG had painted their heroes bases with different colors, making them easy to distinguish on the game board. An excellent idea worth borrowing!


I’ve tried to give the ghouls a look indicating they have been down the deep, damp dungeons for a very long time.

Blazing skeletons

I couldn’t resist on keeping the clear blue flames on the blazing skeletons.


The wraiths also came in clear blue plastic, but less of this is seen as I wanted them to have proper clothing.

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RoboRally house rules

Background for the rules (Buggy Software)

Rules updated January 25, 2012.

Hammer bot, Hulk X90, Squash bot and Spin bot

We often play RoboRally with 3 players in total. This isn’t all the chaos and carnage that I expect a 6 player game would be. So to spice things up a little, we like to play the game like this:

Software programming is something that may result in so called software bugs, which is actually flaws in the programming code, that often lead to unpredicted and unwanted behaviour of the program. This ruleset will mimic this unwanted behaviour and add more chaos (and fun) to the boardgame.

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New year, new rules


A retrospective

A lot of stuff happened in 2011. Some good stuff and some bad stuff. All very much connected to life itself. Such is the way of all good stories, unfortunately they all come to an end. It is with tears in my eyes that I remember the loved ones I’ve lost in the passed year. But my own story isn’t finished, and new chapters are added all the time. New life was created, to fill the gaps of the loved ones we have lost.

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RoboRally miniatures

Trundle bot, Twitch, Zoom bot and Twonky

I finally got around to painting my miniatures from the excellent game RoboRally.

The sculpts are full of gaps etc, and really not that great. But they were still great fun to paint. Let’s just say they were a welcome variation to the ever growing lead horde of zombies I have to paint… 🙂

The goal here was to minimize the time spent on each miniature, as well as keeping the color schemes clean and basic in order to make the miniatures easy to recognize on the game board.

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Last Night on Earth survivors

The team lined up

The team lined up


I’ve finished painting the last lot of survivors from Last Night on Earth by Flying Frog Productions. I also did som minor touch-up work on the ones I’ve finished previosly. The truck is a diecast model in 1/43 scale found on eBay.

Second batch of survivors

Second batch of survivors


Can't beat the chainsaw for close encounters!

Can’t beat the chainsaw for close encounters!



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Last Night On Earth survivors

Some survivors from LNOE –  Last Night On Earth.

I’ve put the miniature on coins, to make them heavier at the bottom and thus less likely to tip over. This made a tremendous difference, and makes placing of the figures much easier.


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