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munin: File is not a perl storable

The problem

I recently got me a bunch of mails from cron, informing me about a failure

File is not a perl storable at /usr/lib/perl/5.18/Storable.pm line 398, at /usr/share/perl5/Munin/Master/Utils.pm line 279.

Most of the graphs (but not all graphs) for a host was not displaying correctly. Instead of the graph I saw the actual data.

Not really finding any relevant answers to my querys on Google, I found this page. Not exactly the same error, but I did find some valuable information about how to further investigate the problem.

The solution

Run munin-cron as user munin to see if displays anymore information about the problem:

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Reinstalling my workstation


This document serves as a reminder to myself, on what needs to be done when reinstalling my workstation, and I have put it here to have it conveniently at hand. Because of this, the document may not be of any help to anybody but me. The last month I’ve had 3 failing harddrives, one new and 2 used ones, so this makes me want to document the process, at least in an overall fashion…

Installing dependencies

  • I have a script listing all my script dependencies and all software I always want installed, so this part is easy:
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SIOCADDRT: File exists

I’ve been getting output from cron mailed to me as:

SIOCADDRT: File exists

This warning stems from the same route being set several times. I want to make sure eth0 is set to be the default device, should it have changed for some reason.

The message breaks down to this:

SIOC = Serial Input Output Controller

ADD = action is ADD

RT = RouTe

File exists = This means that the route is already configured (file exists in /proc)

In my case the solution is to simply suppress the message by redirecting it to /dev/null:

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How to change time of cron.daily?

I’ve scoured different Linux forums for the answer to this onequestion. One of many answers is that this can’t/shouldn’t be done, because this crontab is to be executed after a computer has been booted and not at a specific time.

But what if I keep my computer on 24/7, and the time of cron.daily disturbs my work because disk intensive task are run at inconvenient times, instead of when I’m not in front of the computer. For me, the important thing is that cron.daily is executed once a day, and not x minutes after booting.

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