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Graveyard & Church Dice Tower

Church and Graveyard

Well this didn’t go exactly according to plan. I thought this post would be about the upcoming Silo building, but as you can see I had more interest in finishing the Graveyard.

Modern setting or fantasy; there’s always room for a church and a graveyard. The church makes for an interesting building to explore, and in this particular case also helps with dice rolling. A graveyard is a good terrain filler, acting as an open area which you can see through, but still giving hard cover. A graveyard can also serve as a spawn point for zombies, which makes it dangerous to cross it or be nearby.

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WIP: Church Dice Tower (update)

Applying sand to the church

Some updated pictures of my dice tower project, which is progressing nicely. I have added sand to the walls to get some texture, primed the whole building and begun painting it. This is a fun project and my first real experience working with balsa wood.

Priming the church


Testing the tower. Uh oh, zombies approaching!

There is still some work to be done;  painting the church windows and some paint work to define the bricks.

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WIP: Church Dice Tower

Added doors and a roof on the chapel

I have created many buildings for the gaming table this summer. Pictures of the buildings will hopefully make their way on to this blog eventually…

I thought I’d share what I’m currently working on; a church dice tower. This tower will also double as a piece terrain.

In the early stages of its construction, I wanted a modern tower with a wire fence to catch the dice. I hadn’t yet decided on what kind of tower it should be. I didn’t want apartments, but perhaps a fire station or some kind of water tower.

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