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New Zombies! …and some other stuff.

Black Orc, sculpted by Mikko

Black Orc, sculpted by Mikko

This is some really cool stuff!

A big Thank You to Mikko @ Dawn of the Lead who sent me some of his own nice sculpts, manufactured by Black Orc. It’s the beach bum and the obese jogger.

Painting have been a little slow lately, so these two zombies are the first ones this year!

Of course I had to paint some more zombie while I had the brushes out. The fireman is from Mega Minis, the butcher is from Cold War and the loony in straight jacket is from Hasslefree.

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Reaper wizard & dragon

Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures

I’m painting some miniatures for the excellent game Dungeon Quest!

I haven’t painted much fantasy previously, but here are the first minis; a wizard and a dragon from Reaper Miniatures. The dragon eggs are from Mega Miniatures.

For you scale fanatics, I can say that the wizard is more like 32mm than 28mm. This actually bothers me a lot, but all but one of the minis I’ll use for this game is in this scale, so… *shrug*

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