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Castle Ravenloft miniatures

Time for an update with miniatures from the Castle Ravenloft boardgame.

The heores

Someone on BGG had painted their heroes bases with different colors, making them easy to distinguish on the game board. An excellent idea worth borrowing!


I’ve tried to give the ghouls a look indicating they have been down the deep, damp dungeons for a very long time.

Blazing skeletons

I couldn’t resist on keeping the clear blue flames on the blazing skeletons.


The wraiths also came in clear blue plastic, but less of this is seen as I wanted them to have proper clothing.

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Graveyard & Church Dice Tower

Church and Graveyard

Well this didn’t go exactly according to plan. I thought this post would be about the upcoming Silo building, but as you can see I had more interest in finishing the Graveyard.

Modern setting or fantasy; there’s always room for a church and a graveyard. The church makes for an interesting building to explore, and in this particular case also helps with dice rolling. A graveyard is a good terrain filler, acting as an open area which you can see through, but still giving hard cover. A graveyard can also serve as a spawn point for zombies, which makes it dangerous to cross it or be nearby.

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WIP: Church Dice Tower

Added doors and a roof on the chapel

I have created many buildings for the gaming table this summer. Pictures of the buildings will hopefully make their way on to this blog eventually…

I thought I’d share what I’m currently working on; a church dice tower. This tower will also double as a piece terrain.

In the early stages of its construction, I wanted a modern tower with a wire fence to catch the dice. I hadn’t yet decided on what kind of tower it should be. I didn’t want apartments, but perhaps a fire station or some kind of water tower.

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New Zombies! …and some other stuff.

Black Orc, sculpted by Mikko

Black Orc, sculpted by Mikko

This is some really cool stuff!

A big Thank You to Mikko @ Dawn of the Lead who sent me some of his own nice sculpts, manufactured by Black Orc. It’s the beach bum and the obese jogger.

Painting have been a little slow lately, so these two zombies are the first ones this year!

Of course I had to paint some more zombie while I had the brushes out. The fireman is from Mega Minis, the butcher is from Cold War and the loony in straight jacket is from Hasslefree.

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Reaper wizard & dragon

Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures

I’m painting some miniatures for the excellent game Dungeon Quest!

I haven’t painted much fantasy previously, but here are the first minis; a wizard and a dragon from Reaper Miniatures. The dragon eggs are from Mega Miniatures.

For you scale fanatics, I can say that the wizard is more like 32mm than 28mm. This actually bothers me a lot, but all but one of the minis I’ll use for this game is in this scale, so… *shrug*

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Reaper mermaid

Reaper mermaid

Reaper mermaid

Here is a nice mermaid miniature from Reaper. I’m not actually planning on using it in any game. I just fell in love with the sculpt and wanted to paint it. =)

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Games Workshop ent

Games Workshop Ent

Games Workshop Ent

This one was a gift to my girlfriend, an Ent from Games Workshop.

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