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Syslogging in Natty Narwhal

Having recently moved up to Kubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, I noticed early on that the log file /var/log/messages was missing in the new install. Seeing this a peculiar but not investigating further to why it was missing, I finally did caved in and did some quick googling on the matter.

It turns out the developers felt it was redundant to save the same data in both /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages. I have previously felt that they are similar but they are not identical, as /var/log/messages holds more information than what is found in /var/log/syslog.

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Installing NTP daemon

Network Time Protocol can help you keeping your computers time accurate. This is important to maintain correct timestamps in log files. Not to mention how annoying it is with a clock not showing the correct time… Installing a basic NTP server will help your computer to have its time accurately controlled by NTP. The beauty of this is that when your computers time is wrong, NTP will speed up/down your clock to catch up. This is done so that cron and other time dependent tools will not notice anything.

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System monitoring with Munin

This is a brief guide to installing and configuring Munin.

This is how the Munin project describes their software on their site:

Munin is a networked resource monitoring tool that can help analyze resource trends and “what just happened to kill our performance?” problems. It is designed to be very plug and play. A default installation provides a lot of graphs with almost no work.

Installing the server

Installing a Munin server in Kubuntu is easy. This will install the server as well as the client on the server itself:

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New server hardware

I’ve just finished transferring the homepage to my new server.

ASUS at5nm10i

ASUS at5nm10i


The new hardware is basically a fanless ASUS AT5NM10-I. The mainboard is equipped with dual core Atom CPU’s and 2GB of RAM. The passive cooling makes this computer absolutely quiet. The computer case Morex 5689 is also fanless and have grating on all sides for ventilation. The PSU is an external AC/DC converter, delivering 12 Volts to the mainboard. This solution leaves any heat that normal PSU’s generates outside of the case. The case is mounted to the wall inside a cupboard. A mount plate is included to ease the installation to vertical or horizontal surfaces.

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Updating KDE4

I’ve been waiting for a KDE4 update to hopefully get some small knicks and knacks corrected. I found out that an update was available in the backports repository. I enabled backports by uncommenting these two lines in /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ karmic-backports main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ karmic-backports main restricted universe multiverse

I updated the the package index:

# apt-get update

Since KDE4 is a fundamental part of Kubuntu, I decided a dist-upgrade would be the best way to update:

# apt-get update dist-upgrade

200MB of new packages where downloaded and installed. Among other new packages, a new kernel was installed. The update went smoothly so I decided to reboot:

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Installing WordPress

I just installed WordPress and it looks promising so far.

Since apache2 was already installed, I just needed to do a few easy steps:

# apt-get install mysql-server-5.1 php5-mysql
# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Manually add a database and database user to mysql. I use KMySQLadmin for this task.

After that, point your browser to http://yoursite/wordpress/ and follow one or two easy steps. It’s really that simple! 🙂

I find the admin GUI to be a lot easier to understand than for instance b2evolution, which I tried at the same time.

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