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LVM filesystem integrity

LVM gives you flexibility at the cost of more complexity. When a system with LVM configured is shutdown uncleanly, there may be some trouble getting back on track again.

Some notes from the top of my head, for occasions when this happens.

  • If your LVM system stops booting and complains about the disks, or the disks are suspected being dirty, boot into maintenance/single mode.


  • Search for your volume group to see that it’s available:
sudo vgscan


  • Activate your volume group:
vgchange -ay


  • Check filesystem integrity, for each of your logical volumes:
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LVM: Growing a filesystem

Some quick notes on LVM:

  • Display information about physical volumes (PV)
  • Display information about all locical volumes (LV)
lvdisplay -a
  • Growing a logical volume
lvextend -L +1G /dev/mapper/rootvg-home
  • Growing the filesystem (this works for JFS)
mount -o remount,resize /home && mount -o remount /home

That last remount is just to make the filesystem writable again, since the resize sets the filesystem to read-only.

See the LVM-HOWTO for more information.

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