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Firefox middle-mouse paste broken by package Ubufox

I’m sure the intent was good, but somewhere down the road they failed miserably… A Ubuntu package called ubufox, or more recently xul-ext-ubufox breaks middle-mouse paste in Ubuntu/Kubuntu.

It claims to do this:

 Integrates the browser with Ubuntu to:
  * Enable searching for missing plugins from Ubuntu software catalog
  * Add the following options to the Help menu
    - Get help on-line
    - Help translating Firefox
    - Ubuntu Release Notes
  * Set homepage to Ubuntu Start Page
  * Display a restart notification after upgrading Firefox
  * Add ask.com to the search engines.

But that’s not all, since middle-mouse paste gets broken too… Geez, thanks for making my life less convenient, and disabling what I’ve come to know as a Linux default behaviour for web browsers.

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