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minidlna filling up /var

As mentioned here, I noticed some odd behaviour from minidlna, where it was hogging the CPU. Now minidlna have filled up the filesystem /var two times for me, so what’s up?

A closer inspection of /var showed that it was the logfile /var/log/minidlna.log that was growing out of control, with a size of several hundreds of MB. The logfile was filled with errors like these:

[2012/01/29 22:12:37] sql.c:40: error: SQL ERROR 8 [attempt to write a readonly database]
INSERT into OBJECTS (OBJECT_ID, PARENT_ID, REF_ID, DETAIL_ID, CLASS, NAME) VALUES ('64$0$1D', '64$0', NULL, 0, 'container.storageFolder', 'stuff...')


Some googling suggested that there might be a problem with the ownership of the database file, specifically if it was owned by root… Everything in /var/lib/minidlna on my system was owned by root, so I changed ownership to the user/group minidlna:

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