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KDE desktop field codes

This is a compilation of desktop field codes I use in KDE. There are more field codes, but they are deprecated and shouldn’t be used. This compilation was found on the Freedesktop homepage, and the following quote is their description of field codes:

A number of special field codes have been defined which will be expanded by the file manager or program launcher when encountered in the command line. Field codes consist of the percentage character (“%”) followed by an alpha character. Literal percentage characters must be escaped as %%. Deprecated field codes should be removed from the command line and ignored. Field codes are expanded only once, the string that is used to replace the field code should not be checked for field codes itself.
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Configuring Lynx to handle Swedish characters åäö

I use Lynx, a text-based web-browser, on a daily basis. It can be everything from using my webupdate script to doing a quick lynxdump from a shell in a terminal. Lynxdump is an alias I have set up:

alias lynxdump='lynx --dump -nolist -accept_all_cookies -connect_timeout=3'


Normally I’m not using Lynx to surf the web, since it’s text-based so no pictures are shown. But it is an essential and excellent tool to use in scripts! Since I’m not using it for my daily surfing, I haven’t really bothered to configure it to handle the Swedish characters åäö correctly. Today I did some scripting towards Google Translate and I realized it was time to grab the bull by its horns.

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