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WIP: Nazi Zombies conversions

Mantic torsos, Warlord and Wargames Factory legs

I have previously done a quick visual comparison of three miniature sets:

  • Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies
  • Mantic Ghouls
  • Warlord Games WWII German Infantry

Some of you may wonder what happened after that. The three sets can be combined to create some original Weird WWII creatures. I’ve been toying around with some different poses and settled for a few. This is very much a work in progress, and I’ve got plenty of parts left to create more zombies.

Studio Miniature with head/arm swaps

Mantic torsos, Warlord legs

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Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies

Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies pre-order

I have just received my pre-order of the Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies. This post will compare this set, the Warlord Games WWII German Infantry set and the Mantic Ghouls/Zombies set.

Let’s begin with a look of what the Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies set contains:

  • Double VHS package
  • 15 sprues (two figures without arms, six different arms, an extra head and a cap on each sprue), 30 zombies in total
  • 30 bases to go with all the miniatures

I pre-ordered this set and therefore also got:

  • 1 metal Obersturmbahnfuhrer + 1 lipped base
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Boss zombies

L4D boss zombies by Tengu Models

I found some finished zombies which I still hadn’t posted yet. They are a set of boss zombies from Tengu Models. I posted the pics on an Internet forum but apparently forgot to post them here first. This set is obviously inspired by the zombies from the Left 4 Dead game series. These miniatures have excellent detail and was fun and easy to paint.

L4D Boomer

L4D Charger

L4D Witch

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Santa is late this year…

…and he’s pissed about it!

Santa Claus as a zombie, by Studio Miniatures

I was planning to have the whole set done by Christmas. Due to a case of the zombie flu and a snowboard vacation, this didn’t happen. But he is here now to greet the new year, and he is bringing little treats of children… That’s what matters.

The background is a hint of what the first post for the new year will be about.

Happy New Year!

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Zombie transports

Surfer Dude and Patient Zero



Two of my favorite zombies. The surfer zombie is from Hasslefree and the patient is among the winners from the Frothers Unite 2009 competition. Both are are brilliantly sculpted with lots of detail. The zombie patient have lots of lovely details to give him character, such as the rats or the doctor’s head he’s carrying around.


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Screaming in the rain

Screaming in the rain

Screaming in the rain


Ain’t no business like show business. The competition is murder!

One street entertaining mime from Hasslefree and one dancing Gene Kelly from Hazel Heroes. The mime is very thin, almost 2 dimensional. But he always cracks me up. 🙂 Gene Kelly, well he’s just awesome! Never looked better with this detailed sculpt.


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Tank zombies





This lovely pair is among the winners from the Frothers Unite 2009 competition. I finished them in June. I have put coins under their bases to improve stability and make them less prone to tipping over. Their big muscular shoulders make them a bit top heavy.


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Retro zombies

Mega Miniatures with Games Workshop in the middle


This bunch is also from the beginning of the summer. Two Mega Miniatures and one very special zombie with a sickle, that I hold dear. He was my first zombie miniature. I reckon he would be something like 25 years old now. I didn’t have many miniatures at the time, and most of the painting was done with Humbrol paints. Obviously with terrible results. He have been stripped of the old paint, repainted and rebased.

If you know anything about the origin of the zombie with sickle, please let me know. I vaguely remember him as a blister with a square base.

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Springtime zombies

Here is a set of zombies which I painted back in May. I’m notoriously lazy with the camera, I know…

Two Wargames Factory zombies and one Mega Minatures. I’m getting better at doing the WF zombies justice. I still think they’re poor in detail, but I’m getting better at coping with it.

I ordered the moonwalker miniature shortly after Michael Jackson died. I was worried that they were gonna pull them off the web. This miniature is modeled quite simple too.

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Naked zombies

Zombies in the flesh

Zombies in the flesh


For some reason zombies and nudity seems to go hand in hand. Watch a zombie movie and you’ll know what I mean. Still it seems quite rare that manufacturers release naked zombie miniatures. As a matter of fact I haven’t seen any naked zombies showing genitals until recently. Many manufacturers probably find nakedness a bit too controversial. Miss Miniatures have some naked zombies, but sadly they’re made without genitals…

Edit: It’s been pointed out that Black Cat Bases have some naked zombies too. Personally I’m not particularly fond of zombies wielding object like they know what to do with them. I like zombies holding on to objects because they’re too stupid to throw them away.

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